All training is $125 per week. Please see individual packages for lengths of training.

At Meads Retrievers, we have training for the FAMILY and training for the HUNTING FAMILY. During your puppy’s stay at Meads Retrievers, he/she will be housed individually in a concrete 12x6 kennel that is covered. They will have their own individual dog house, as well as individual food and water dish. They will get daily socialization and exercise with their training program as well. Our kennels are cleaned and tended to daily. We provide Diamond brand dog food, or you can bring your own brand if you would like.  

We have a Release of Liability that we require you to sign when leaving your dog with MR. We can email that to you ahead of time if you would like, or you can sign it when you bring your dog. We ask that each puppy that comes for training at our kennel be accompanied by their up to date immunization record and have a clean bill of health by their Veterinarian. Any individual needs that your puppy may have needs to be brought to the Kennel’s attention ahead of time to ensure appropriate care for your puppy. We ask that any flea/tick medications, heartworm medications, etc. be given prior to the beginning of their training program. However, we understand many puppies are on monthly medications and that they may need additional doses during their stay. In that case, we require that any and all special medications, flea/tick treatments, heartworm medication, etc. needs to be brought in a clear bag that is clearly marked who’s bag it is, what is in the bag and when it is to be given.

Each training package is listed with an estimated time frame because every dog will learn and progress differently. During the time that your puppy is here you will be kept up to date on their progress, as well as when they reach milestones. We pride ourselves on our communication with the families of our furry students. You will be sent updates weekly by text or email, and pictures and videos from time to time. We know how important our time is with your puppy, and how difficult it can be for them to be away from home and family. Please be aware, you will receive these updates during normal business hours. While we are always available for emergencies, we make it a habit to spend the evening hours as a family and do not generally respond to texts or phone calls until the next business day.

We ask that a deposit of at least $200.00 be given when your puppy is dropped off with us. The remainder is due when your puppy is picked up at the end of training. *NOTE: This deposit is non-refundable. If in the rare chance your student is unable to complete the training program for any reason, we do not expect full payment. However, we do keep the deposit to cover the cost of your dog’s time with MR


Training for the Family

Puppy Obedience Packages

CLICK HERE to check out MR VIDEO demonstrating the Puppy Obedience Training!!

2 WEEK OBEDIENCE-Your puppy will learn to Loose Leash Walking, consisting of sit and heel, and general leash manners. 

5 WEEK OBEDIENCE- In addition to Loose Leash Walking, they will learn to stay, and come on command. They will learn to respect children and other dogs in social settings, and in the community. This program is modeled after the AKC Canine Good Citizenship testing. Please let us know if you intend on your puppy becoming a certified therapy or service dog.

We prefer that your puppy will come to Meads Retrievers following their last set of puppy vaccinations, around 4 months old. For local puppies, we like to do approximately 3 weeks at the kennel, and then the puppy goes home for approximately a week. Then the remainder of the time is spent either at the kennel again, or a couple of individual sessions at your home to work on those commands that are in need of reinforcement. For those that are not local, there are other options that we can customize to fit your needs.

Betty Sue with her first ribbons

Training for the Hunting Family

Hunting Retriever Started Puppy Training

Want to see a VIDEO about what your puppy will learn in THIS PACKAGE? CLICK HERE!!

This package is the pinnacle of what Meads Retrievers prides itself in! It is the ideal program for your retriever puppy to get ready for what is expected during that first season in the blind. Your puppy will come to the kennel after the last round of puppy vaccinations, approximately 4 months old. He/She will learn basic obedience as it pertains to waterfowl and upland hunting. During the obedience portion of the training program they will not only learn the typical sit, stay, come on command, etc.; but they will also learn the verbal commands that fit your hunting environment. He/She will also learn to mark and to be steady to gun, on land first, then in water around decoys. Your puppy will be properly introduced to gunfire and dead birds, where we are sure to incorporate fun and make the experience an exciting one for them. This will lay successful groundwork for future retriever training (also available at Meads Retrievers).


Training for the Hunting Family

Obedience to the Retrieve (Force Fetching)

Click HERE to watch our Pretty Boy Outlaw go through this program step by step!!

Obedience to the retrieve, or force fetching, is the next level of training we recommend for your young pup here at Meads Retrievers. This is an obedience program that helps sharpen and focus your pup’s skills. It is an intense program on heel, sit, fetch and hold, and drop. This is also a must for future blind training or the hunt test pupil.