Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Meads Retrievers over a cheaper “hobby breeder”?

There are many reasons! Meads Retrievers is an established kennel, and training-first facility. We offer assistance throughout the life of your puppy with tips and advice, and an open door for you to message or call at anytime. We provide a Health Guarantee, and will honor it. There is a good chance that we will have pictures, or have even trained puppies from previous litters of the same parents that your puppy is from, and can therefore assist in picking the right match for your family and lifestyle. We are established with a Veterinarian and all of our dogs are of top quality health. We aren’t just selling you a dog, we are welcoming you in to our family. We are dedicated to our dogs and your puppies, this is not just a business to us it is our passion and commitment.

Will my puppy be house broken?

We do not house break our puppies, nor is it a part of our training packages. We urge our families to consider crate training. We also suggest taking your puppy to the door, making him/her sit, and then exiting outside to use the bathroom. We often hear that our puppies are going to the door within the first week they are home. The key to any training regimen is CONSISTENCY!

Are your dogs registered?

Yes. Our Labrador Retrievers and Standard Poodles are AKC and UKC registered, as well as CKC. All of our Labradoodles are CKC registered.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect as far as grooming my poodle?

We recommend that you have your standard poodle groomed once every couple of months, and brushed daily as they do not shed. Of course, this is your personal preference of how you would like them to be clipped. Our standard poodles are shaved completely down as it is best for our hunting situations. Water retrieves can lead to matted hair, and that is not a risk we want to take. It also cuts down on having to pick leaves and debris from them after a hunt.  

Labradoodles hair does not grow quite as fast as a Standard Poodle, and require slightly less grooming depending on their coat texture. After much research and our personal experiences, we have a general rule. “The longer/more poodle like the hair, the less maintenance they require.” Again, all of this depends on your personal preference and lifestyle.

What is life like for my puppy at Meads Retrievers?

For the first 6 weeks of your puppies life, they will be handled and loved on daily. We strive for every puppy to be socialized to human touch. Puppies are also introduced to other big dogs outside of their litter. They are groomed if necessary, and seen by our Veterinarian at age appropriate times.

You breed dogs, so you must be against animal shelters and rescuing?

Absolutely not. We do not believe that we take business away from Rescue Shelters, or that they take business away from us. Meads Retrievers breeds and trains with a purpose, for the family, hunter, and individual! We are in the business of responsibly producing high powered Labrador Retrievers to accompany you in the duck blind. We are in the business of breeding intelligent, instinctual, and healthy service dogs. We are in the business of providing a quality therapy dog that remains calm for you, and that is attentive to your needs and is always by your side. We have always had a rescue, and love our local humane societies, and often donate to them. (If there are any more questions, please come speak to our resident Advocate for the Humanly Abandoned, Brewterbutt 😊 He will answer all of your inquires!)

Are your dogs health tested?

We have several adult dogs that have completed health testing. It is not recommended to complete health testing until age 2. We are currently in the process of completing health testing on all of our AKC registered adult dogs who have not had it completed yet. Our goal is to have all of our adult dogs health tested, but it is a ever changing process.

What kind of energy will my dog have and exercise will they require?

Whether you are taking home a Labrador, Standard Poodle, or Labradoodle, they all require exercise. Rather than long walks or runs, they enjoy playing fetch in short bursts to burn off energy. 5-10 minutes of fetch in the yard makes a huge difference for them. While they are not the highest energy of breeds, they do require daily exercise.

What can I expect my first week home with my puppy?

Remember, you have purchased a retriever breed. Whether it is a Labrador, Standard Poodle, or Labradoodle, they are bred to retrieve. Which means your puppy will likely want to chew, so we suggest TOYS! Expect some whining the first night or two away from their litter mates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you dock tails or remove dew claws?

MR does NOT dock tails, or remove dew claws. We believe the benefits of better balance, stronger swimming, and increased agility far outweighs the risk of possible injury down the road.

Will my puppy come home with anything?

Your puppy will leave MR kennel with all of their paperwork, including health guarantee and registry application. They will also go home with a sample of Diamond Puppy Chow.

Do you ship puppies?

Meads Retrievers does NOT ship puppies. We will deliver! Distance traveling to deliver will vary by date. Please ask us about our current delivery policy!

What if I am suddenly unable to keep my puppy?

We do not have a return policy, and we do not refund any amount on purchased puppies, nor will be buy our puppy back. However, we will assist in rehoming your puppy, even if that means housing the puppy until a new home is found. If you do need to rehome a puppy you have purchased from MR, we reserve the right to refuse business in the future. Every situation can be different, please contact us. We strongly urge every family to take all aspects of new puppy ownership in to consideration when deciding to purchase a puppy.

How do you take deposits, and what is the desired payment method?

If you are unable to come to the kennel to leave your deposit, we will take a personal check by mail or cashier’s check. (Please always make your check out to Alexis or Jim Mead) The remainder of your balance is only accepted by cash or cashier’s check when the puppy is picked up. In an effort to protect your money and keep costs as low as possible, we do not use Paypal.

We do not keep a waiting list. We begin taking deposits one first, second, and third pick of the litter when puppies are born. Those picks are made around 2-3 weeks old, and then we begin taking more deposits.

Do Standard Poodles shed?

No! The big, loud answer from the back of the room is No! While some mislead folks will say “that is impossible” or insist they shed, they are incorrect. Standard Poodles require grooming because they do not shed a coat like Labradors do. They require to be brushed because they do not shed a coat like a lab does. Shedding is a seasonal trait. You MIGHT see some hair come off in your hands if you are brushing them, or washing them. But they do not shed a coat. Just like a human, they will lose hair. But no one says a human sheds, right? The fact that they are hypoallergenic is a very big reason standard poodles are regarded as some of the best therapy/service dogs, and also make them highly desirable for those that suffer from allergies. This has been a big discussion on multiple occasions between our kennel and dog aficionados, and what it boils down to every time is that we are all saying the same thing in a different way. So, the simple answer is, no.