Our dogs

Our number one priority is to ensure happy and healthy dogs and puppies! All of the puppies from Meads Retrievers go home with a full exam, UTD vaccinations and wormer given by our Licensed Veterinarian, as well as an 18 month genetic health guarantee. We have great references from our previous customers,  and our families who have had their puppies trained by Owner Jim Mead. Feel free to ask us to provide those for you, or to contact our Vet for those references. In addition, all litters of puppies from MR’s have been properly socialized with children and big dogs; they are given daily doses of love and affection to ensure an easy transition from our family to yours! 

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Our family



The “original” Meads Retriever, she was an anniversary present to me from my beautiful wife after a LONG season without a 4 legged hunting companion. She has graced more blinds and won more hearts, as well as retrieved more birds, than any other dog I’ve had the privilege to be around. If you have hunted with myself or prostaff very much, then you have hunted with Loretta. And the by the end of the day she has won your heart. After thousands of birds retrieved she has become a very independent and hunt-wise, she takes a back seat to no other retriever. She was bred after 3 years of age for the simple reason that two hunting buddies wanted her offspring. Since then, MR’s has grown; but Mead’s Coal Miners Daughter “Loretta” is still considered our Ace in the hole. Our sweet Loretta is now a retired from breeding and her main and now only job is holding down the duck hole and gracing the couch!

Calamity Jane (CJ)


Meads Calamity Jane was bought with the money of Loretta’s first litter when she was approximately 5 months old. I had always wanted a poodle, and had understood they were originally a retriever breed. My only question to the owner was “will she fetch?” Not only will she fetch, she has an extremely birdy nature. This has made her a fantastic upland bird dog with everything from quail to pheasant being shot over her. Not only a hunting dog, she is a full time house pet and regarded as my youngest daughters therapy dog. When my little girl when through her time of being afraid of the dark phase, CJ slept with her every night, and would even accompany her to the bathroom in the middle of the night and back to bed again. My daughter still sleeps with her CJ every night. They are an amazing pair.

Betty Sue


Meads Black Betty Bam-a-lam “Sue” was our first AKC Field trial Labrador retriever. This champion bred retriever has ribbons on the wall. Speed and drive are just two of the great words to describe this extremely athletic retriever, as well as a pleasure to have as a family dog. She has great blind manners, and is very attentive. She has been described by those who have hunted with her as a “gentleman’s dog.” I’ve gotten more training hours invested in this girl than any other and have enjoyed her problem solving intelligence. Working her is always the highlight of my day.



Jolene is very fast, tenacious, and has an attitude that throws all caution to the wind. She has come a long way in her training in a short time, and continues to grow with every training workout. With as hard and fast as this gal likes to work, she is going to go great distances. Meads Just Because You Can “Jolene” has a big future at MR. She currently has two UKC passes towards her first title! She was handled by MR's own Hunter Mead, at age 6 years old. 



“Ty’s Echo” came to MR a little later in life. We are privileged to add Echo to our MR family at the age of 3, and she has fit in like a glove. She is currently obedience trained, and undergoing a rigorous started dog training program to get her ready to the upcoming duck season. Echo is what our Owner/Trainer Jim Mead would call, “the perfect yellow lab.” Her first three years were spent with the loving Recktenwald family, where she was properly socialized to children, as well as introduced to some positive aspects of hunting. Her pedigree has Master Hunter’s in the line as well, and we can tell by her birdy nature. We can already see that Echo is the perfect addition to our MR home.

At Stud

Browning (left)

This stunning chocolate Standard Poodle is so aptly registered as “Mead’s Momma’s Handsome Man,” but we call him Browning or Momma’s Man. He is an extremely athletic, eager to please, gorgeous boy. At approximately 65 lbs., he stands At Stud for MR. He has big golden brown eyes, and a soft silky coat that has produced many of the nice looking F1 Labradoodles and Standard Poodles at MR. Mommas Man is very fast, and even more affectionate than he is beautiful! His favorite activity is running and playing fetch with his favorite person, Momma. Browning is AKC and CKC Reregistered. 

Rusty (right)

Rusty is our red standard poodle stud that loves to fetch! He is a very athletic and lean dog that loves to run full speed around the yard and entertain the ladies. He was very easily trained, and incredibly intelligent. He is a proven stud, siring several litters that have produced service dogs in training and duck dogs alike. Rusty AKC and CKC registered, and also has completed health testing with healthy results.

BOTH of our studs are available NOW for stud service. Give us a call today to discuss the details and pricing!